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Ramblings #7 Guess What Made the Papers...

I hope that 2017 is the year that the media stops trying to scare the shit out of everyone. Donald Trump's Twitter account is not news. Katie Hopkins' inane attitude towards anyone that isn't white and British, is not news. Recapping every single terror attack each time a new one happens is just plain fucking stupid. Stop telling us what you think we want to know, and start telling us what we need to know. 

Homelessness crisis, migrant crisis, mental health. Start there.


Ramblings #5 E-Day

Today is a great day. It's the end of an unrelenting shit show that has put entertainment first; and policy, progression and even basic ideals dead last.

Speaking to Fox News earlier, Trump said he would consider an electoral loss as a "tremendous waste of time, energy, and money". Of course. Why? Because he has no interest in actually helping anyone. Despite his claims, he's not someone who wants to effect meaningful change. He just salivates at possessing any element of power.

He is an enthusiastic racist and exclusionist, a dependable scaremongerer, and a blissfully uninformed man. Why? Because, the abilities to demean people; to play off of their fears, and to remain blissfully ignorant, are forms of power in themselves. 

I hope I wake up tomorrow and Donald Trump is a punchline; not a President. I hope despite the last few months of nauseating clap trap that has embodied both candidates, that Americans will take the chance to walk this whole mess back. I hope that they will pick the lesser of two evils. 

I hope the unrelenting shit show relents.





Ramblings #4 The Moneyshot

In the last Ramblings, I was talking about the video shoot that I was gearing up for this weekend. We wrapped up filming last night after three days of shooting, and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the experience. 

It was very exciting to see the scenes take shape through our leads Aaron O' Neill and Peggy Gilbert. We shot in a number of locations, and came away from each one with footage that we are really proud of. We couldn't have done it without the help of a lot of people.

First, thanks to Hanna Dillon and Olivia Walsh who shot the scenes, and worked as assistant directors for the weekend. I've been working with Hanna since the beginning of "Cold Open" (she's designed all my graphics, including the EP artwork, and this website), so I'm very familiar with the high quality of her work. But it was my first time working with Olivia, and she's a real pro with such a great creative sense. You should put reading this post on hold and go and check out some of her work at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCALuAbeZxR_d7iS_ZG5bZ7Q

Second, to our extras. Our three main extras were the first into my head as I meandered my way through the script. Rob, Adam and Fionn were absolutely brilliant in their parts. They really added something beyond what I initially imagined. Also, we had the help of several others to complete our scenes, so special thanks to Killian, Iz, Barry, Gubbins, Stephen, Pauline, Lobbo, Hannah, Emily, Caroline, Tom (who was so helpful with lighting too), and Iolanda and Lauren (who came down from Dublin on Sunday despite Lauren having broken her foot the day previous! ; pair of legends). 

Next, a big thankyou to Eoghan Murphy and Shane Kingston, Rory Power and James Quinn (who also doubled as extras), Barry Mangan and Amy Coughlan, Maryese Noonan and Nicole Gleeson, and Yellow Sub for helping us out with locations! Also to Des Mahon Sound & Lighting for helping us out, as he frequently does, this time with lights. To Lobbo who, as always, worked her magic. And to my parents Nancy and Michael, who sorted grub for the weekend, and even helped us out with lifts at the last minute! 

Finally, a massive thankyou to Aaron and Peggy for all their hard work. These guys are really special talents, and were incredible to work and have fun with over the three days. You're gonna see a lot more of them in the near future!

The video is out on December 2nd, a day after our show in Cyprus Avenue. Tickets now available at https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/james-or-tickets-29154840914. If you buy your ticket in advance, we'll give you a free download code for my next single "Berlin", out January 27th. I may even make you a cake with your name on it. But I'll never tell...



Ramblings #3 VideOR

Tomorrow, I begin shooting for my first music video. It'll be a new experience for me. When I was getting ready to release "Cold Open", my friend Jack asked if I intended to include a video for one of the tracks. Ultimately, I decided to go with what we had; thinking that if I needed to revisit later on, I could. I think if I'd been given the time over, I might act differently.

I've been out of the making of the EP for a while now. This summer was a really great, busy one. Once the launch was done, we set our sights on Indie. After Indie, we were gunning to play Whelans, and then before I knew it, I was talking to Iz, Tom, Hannah and Barry about recording new music for 2017. It got away from me that easily. 

So sitting down to write the script for a video for one of the tracks was not seamless. I spent what felt like weeks trying to flesh out the single half idea that I'd come up with; and getting nowhere. It was only two days before I was due to give the script over to Hanna Dillon that it started to come together. I'm left wondering if I'd approached the task when my head was really grounded in the preparation of the "Cold Open" tracks, whether I'd have saved a bit of time and uncertainty. It was harder to get my head back into the songs than I thought it would be.

Regardless, it's nice that everything has come together; and we'll be underway tomorrow. I'm looking forward to showing you the results!




Ramblings #2 Lend Me Your FLApes

It was a sad thing to see Fight Like Apes say goodbye this morning. I haven't kept up with them as much in the last few years, but back when "The Mystery of the Golden Medallion" came out, they were mainstay for Irish listeners; myself included. Rightly so. It's a belter of an album; and their live shows were a real lesson in manic, unpredictable and genuine displays of musical passion.

They made two great points in their farewell message. First, that it's a great time to be a musician. It really is. The ability to work independently on a day to day basis allows you to do a wonderful thing; make mistakes, and get better from them. But, as someone who wouldn't consider themselves to be a deft operator by way of promotional savvy, financial expertise or even consistent self belief, being in this position can be very lonely. At the end of the day, I'm a songwriter, and any headway I make in other areas is of immeasurable worth. Which was the second thing I gleaned from the FLA's goodbye...

Supporting local music is of paramount importance; simply because it's more relevant now than ever. It allows us to give you our ideas in a way that closest resembles their initial intent; and that in itself is a real treat. It lets us do the next thing, and hopefully do it well. Considering the incredible backing I've been given by so many people, I myself am going to make a much bigger effort in my support for local stuff.

With that in mind, I want to extend a heartfelt thankyou to everyone for every ounce of help you've given me, and also plug two great gigs worthy of your support this week.

Actor Actor launches his single "Twisted Wrecks" this Thursday (Nov. 2nd), in The Slate at 8pm with support from two other amazing Cork artists Mide Houlihan and Lost Gecko, and Eve for Short releases his debut EP, "Good Words in a Convincing Order" over in The Roundy at 9pm with The Poor Decisions supporting. Both gigs are free, so pop in and buy their works for a couple of quid, ye big bag of legends. 




Ramblings #1

November 1st: Cork

Hello all,

It's a busy time at the moment, and all the better for it. Most of the past fortnight has been taken up with preparing for our upcoming recording session with Christian at Monique Studios, and getting everything ready for this weekend's video shoot.

I've put together a script that I'm really excited about, and am psyched to have two great lead actors in Aaron O' Neill and Peggy Gilbert; very much looking forward to working with them. I'd also like to give special mention to all the extras who have volunteered their time, and to everyone who has helped us with locations so far (more extended thanks to follow!). The project will be edited by Hanna Dillon who designed this very website, so you can be sure it'll look cushty.

I've also announced a December 1st date in Cyprus Avenue for a full band show. I'm incredibly blessed to have had the same group of musicians working with me since the beginning of "Cold Open", (with the exception of Tom, who came in for the launch show, and would probably set himself on fire if you asked him to*), so to get to do live shows with Hannah, Barry, Iz and Tom is really a highlight of music for me.

Tickets are available from the Old Oak now for €5 (and online later this week), and if you send a selfie of you and your ticket with a visible ticket number to jamesormusic@gmail.com, you'll get a FREE download code for my next single "Berlin", which is out on January 27th, 2017. This is a really important show for us (more on that later), so your help would be, as always, so incredibly valuable.

Das all! Mind yourself.



*NOTE: Test this theory by asking Tom to set fire to himself...