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Ramblings #3 VideOR

Tomorrow, I begin shooting for my first music video. It'll be a new experience for me. When I was getting ready to release "Cold Open", my friend Jack asked if I intended to include a video for one of the tracks. Ultimately, I decided to go with what we had; thinking that if I needed to revisit later on, I could. I think if I'd been given the time over, I might act differently.

I've been out of the making of the EP for a while now. This summer was a really great, busy one. Once the launch was done, we set our sights on Indie. After Indie, we were gunning to play Whelans, and then before I knew it, I was talking to Iz, Tom, Hannah and Barry about recording new music for 2017. It got away from me that easily. 

So sitting down to write the script for a video for one of the tracks was not seamless. I spent what felt like weeks trying to flesh out the single half idea that I'd come up with; and getting nowhere. It was only two days before I was due to give the script over to Hanna Dillon that it started to come together. I'm left wondering if I'd approached the task when my head was really grounded in the preparation of the "Cold Open" tracks, whether I'd have saved a bit of time and uncertainty. It was harder to get my head back into the songs than I thought it would be.

Regardless, it's nice that everything has come together; and we'll be underway tomorrow. I'm looking forward to showing you the results!