James OR

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Ramblings #5 E-Day

Today is a great day. It's the end of an unrelenting shit show that has put entertainment first; and policy, progression and even basic ideals dead last.

Speaking to Fox News earlier, Trump said he would consider an electoral loss as a "tremendous waste of time, energy, and money". Of course. Why? Because he has no interest in actually helping anyone. Despite his claims, he's not someone who wants to effect meaningful change. He just salivates at possessing any element of power.

He is an enthusiastic racist and exclusionist, a dependable scaremongerer, and a blissfully uninformed man. Why? Because, the abilities to demean people; to play off of their fears, and to remain blissfully ignorant, are forms of power in themselves. 

I hope I wake up tomorrow and Donald Trump is a punchline; not a President. I hope despite the last few months of nauseating clap trap that has embodied both candidates, that Americans will take the chance to walk this whole mess back. I hope that they will pick the lesser of two evils. 

I hope the unrelenting shit show relents.