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Ramblings #2 Lend Me Your FLApes

It was a sad thing to see Fight Like Apes say goodbye this morning. I haven't kept up with them as much in the last few years, but back when "The Mystery of the Golden Medallion" came out, they were mainstay for Irish listeners; myself included. Rightly so. It's a belter of an album; and their live shows were a real lesson in manic, unpredictable and genuine displays of musical passion.

They made two great points in their farewell message. First, that it's a great time to be a musician. It really is. The ability to work independently on a day to day basis allows you to do a wonderful thing; make mistakes, and get better from them. But, as someone who wouldn't consider themselves to be a deft operator by way of promotional savvy, financial expertise or even consistent self belief, being in this position can be very lonely. At the end of the day, I'm a songwriter, and any headway I make in other areas is of immeasurable worth. Which was the second thing I gleaned from the FLA's goodbye...

Supporting local music is of paramount importance; simply because it's more relevant now than ever. It allows us to give you our ideas in a way that closest resembles their initial intent; and that in itself is a real treat. It lets us do the next thing, and hopefully do it well. Considering the incredible backing I've been given by so many people, I myself am going to make a much bigger effort in my support for local stuff.

With that in mind, I want to extend a heartfelt thankyou to everyone for every ounce of help you've given me, and also plug two great gigs worthy of your support this week.

Actor Actor launches his single "Twisted Wrecks" this Thursday (Nov. 2nd), in The Slate at 8pm with support from two other amazing Cork artists Mide Houlihan and Lost Gecko, and Eve for Short releases his debut EP, "Good Words in a Convincing Order" over in The Roundy at 9pm with The Poor Decisions supporting. Both gigs are free, so pop in and buy their works for a couple of quid, ye big bag of legends.