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Ramblings #1

November 1st: Cork

Hello all,

It's a busy time at the moment, and all the better for it. Most of the past fortnight has been taken up with preparing for our upcoming recording session with Christian at Monique Studios, and getting everything ready for this weekend's video shoot.

I've put together a script that I'm really excited about, and am psyched to have two great lead actors in Aaron O' Neill and Peggy Gilbert; very much looking forward to working with them. I'd also like to give special mention to all the extras who have volunteered their time, and to everyone who has helped us with locations so far (more extended thanks to follow!). The project will be edited by Hanna Dillon who designed this very website, so you can be sure it'll look cushty.

I've also announced a December 1st date in Cyprus Avenue for a full band show. I'm incredibly blessed to have had the same group of musicians working with me since the beginning of "Cold Open", (with the exception of Tom, who came in for the launch show, and would probably set himself on fire if you asked him to*), so to get to do live shows with Hannah, Barry, Iz and Tom is really a highlight of music for me.

Tickets are available from the Old Oak now for €5 (and online later this week), and if you send a selfie of you and your ticket with a visible ticket number to jamesormusic@gmail.com, you'll get a FREE download code for my next single "Berlin", which is out on January 27th, 2017. This is a really important show for us (more on that later), so your help would be, as always, so incredibly valuable.

Das all! Mind yourself.



*NOTE: Test this theory by asking Tom to set fire to himself...